จักรยานมือปั่นรุ่นยืน HUR motion body 600 Med daft

จักรยานมือปั่นรุ่นยืน HUR motion body 600 Med

The upper body ergometer is an important part for cardio concept. With this piece of equipment the upper body muscles are actively exercised whilst isolating the lower body, enabling people with limited functionality in their lower body and people in wheelchairs

The amplitude of the arm movement can be varied by the adjustable crank arms (optional feature). One side of the crank can be rotated by 180° and thereby offers the possibility of synchronous (handibike) mode.

The bidirectional use is a standard feature of our machines. The power unit can be easily adjusted in height and is assisted with a gas loaded piston action for safety and ease. The seat is adjustable for height and distance and may be removed completely to enable wheelchair access.


  • Easy to use display with multicolor backlight for biofeedback
  • RS232 interface
  • Forward and backward movements as standard feature (only basic program package available)
  • Gas pressure supported height adjustment of  the drive unit
  • Self-powered device
  • Horizontally adjustable seat
  • Easy wheelchair access
  • Rpm-dependent and independent mode
  • Transport wheels
  • Training control via RFID-System  with Wireless network


  • Therapy prog. p. (power training not available)
  • Seat with horizontal seat adjustment
  • Length adjustable crank arms (with handibike  mode also)
  • Wheelchair ramp access for width 70-100 cm
  • Leki – trigger glove/straps, for hand fixation at grip via glove/straps
  • Wired network for training control via  RFID-System
  • Increase of max user weight to 200kg

*In order to communicate with HUR SmartTouch software, 1 SmartTouch Emotion Wireless (or wired) Startup package is needed

  • Hybrid brake system (HBS)
  • Power independent
  • V-belt-drive-self adjusting and silent
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Single piece powder coated steel frame
  • Medical Devices according to directive 93/42 EEC, class IIa
  • Power range: 15-500 watts in rpm independent mode (rpm dependent up to 1000 watts)





กว้าง 77 ซม. x ยาว 116 ซม. x สูง 150 ซม.

108 กก.

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