Leg Press (ASW-LP-L102)

Leg Press (ASW-LP-L102)

Leg Press hydraulic gym equipment machine is very similar to a Squat and a Calf Lift. It can also be used to exercise ankles and feet, and inner thighs by doing turn-outs (better known as a pliates). The leg press is an effective lower body strength exercise for seniors that can improve your leg strength and muscle mass very fast. Having strong legs can help you perform everyday activities without causing stress on the rest of the body.

Strength training is very important for the overall health and ability to function independently as we get older. The lower body, including the hips and the legs, are very important as most of your muscle mass is situated there and your legs are what allow independent movement and activity.

Falls due to loss of balance is one of the leading causes of hospitalization to seniors. Once you suffer a bad fall that leaves you hospitalized for weeks or months due to a hip fracture or head trauma, your loss of muscle mass and strength can leave your bedridden.

Thus, to enjoy your senior years feeling strong and limber, able to enjoy all the activities you like, ASD leg press is definitely beneficial for you.


  • The device works without electricity
  • Low resistance at the beginning of the pulling motion ensures easier exercise start
  • 12 adjustable resistance levels
  • Support player weight up to 120 kg.
  • The main structure is made of high quality steel that is 3mm thick
  • The body, painted with powder coating to prevent rust, extends the usage period
  • Two hydraulic exercise cylinders
  • Strong base for maximum stability while you exercise
  • Solid and sturdy frame
  • Special anti-slip grips attached to a revolving pin
  • Stable resistance of the hydraulic shock absorber
  • Resistance in both directions
  • Easy on the joints
  • Safe training even without supervision
  • Built-in wheels enable to move the machine easily
  • Suitable for both commercial and home use
  • The machine is portable and moveable
  • Quality standards : ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016

Benefits of Leg Press

  • ASD Leg press doesn’t require the user to have good posture or a strong core.
  • It is difficult for seniors to perform a squat as it requires a significant amount of base strength. You also need a good amount of mobility and proprioception to perform a bodyweight squat. This is what makes the Leg Press machines so effective if seniors can use them
  • The Leg Press machine also improve your strength, mobility, and proprioception in a way that easily transfers to real-world movement.
  • Helps reduce excessive body fat
  • This is very common among seniors to be inactive and likely to be overweight. The leg press allows you to start with minimal resistance level and progress gradually to achieve higher resistance to gain leg muscle strength.
  • Due to the seated position, the leg press doesn’t require lower back strength and core control, which is a good thing if you have health issues that prevent you from performing squats or deadlifts.
  • But since the leg press is performed in a seated position, this is also one of its greatest benefits. This is because the exercise doesn’t require your lower back and core to support the load, like in the squat, the leg press can be performed even if you have lower back issues.













Exercise with ASD Leg Press

  • Sit on the machine with your hips and back resting against the seat back.
  • Place your feet on the foot pad making sure that your knees, while bent, are not higher than your toes.
  • Now bring your knees toward your body, as close as you can comfortably.
  • Ensure your knees stay perpendicular with the floor and avoid bowing out or collapsing together.
  • Power forward against the resistance, quickly.
  • Then, slowly bend your knees and return to the start position.



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