HUR Motion Cross 600 Med

HUR Motion Cross 600 Med

The Motion Cross 600 ergometer has a natural, smooth movement, making it particularly easy to learn and comfortable to use. For safety, the maximum RPM can be pre-set by the trainer and at the end of every workout a temporary maximum workload will completely stop movement before moving on to the cool-down session.

Both forward and backwards movement are possible to add to the workout benefits and there are large, anti-slip footsteps to enhance safety and give a secure feeling.

The Motion Cross 600 runs silently and the easy-to-use backlit display has a unique bio-feedback function: blue for under-performing, orange for over-performing and green for ‘in the zone’. This means that the supervising trainer can see at a glance if they need to intervene.

Options include the ear pulse system for situations where fitting the traditional chest-band heart monitor is less appropriate and the ability to select an increased maximum loading of 200kg.

The Speed range is 20 -80 RPM.

The Motion Cross 600 runs on HUR Smart Touch software.


  • Easy to use display with multicolor backlight for biofeedback
  • Coded Polar® pulse receiver
  • Self-powered device
  • Forward and backward movement possible
  • Big, anti-slip footsteps
  • Rpm limit for extra safety
  • Training control via RFID-System* with Wireless network


  • Grid independent
  • Calibrated drive unit
  • Hybrid brake system (HBS)
  • Mono belt drive, self-adjusting and silent
  • Power range: 15-500 watts rpm independent,  15 – 1000 watts rpm dependent
  • Workload steps: 5 watts
  • Grid independent
  • Hybrid brake system HBS
  • Mono belt drive, self-adjusting and silent
  • Power range: 100-500 watts, rpm independent, 100 – 1000 watts rpm dependent, initial work load at the cross 100 watts, work loaded steps: 5 watts
  • Speed range: 20 – 80 rpm
  • High quality slide and ball bearings for long product life
  • Medical Devices according to directive 93/42 EEC, class IIa
  • Max user weight: 150 kg
  • Size (L x W x H): 204 x 65 x 165 cm
  • Weight: 103 kg


  • Therapy program package
  • Wired network for training control via RFID-System
  • Ear pulse system
  • Increase of max user weight to 200kg

*In order to communicate with HUR SmartTouch software, 1 SmartTouch Emotion Wireless (or wired) Startup package is needed


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