HUR motion sprint SL / SE 600 Med

HUR motion Sprint SL / SE 600 Med

With the HUR motion sprint SL/SE 600 Med, we trust in the well known and proven lamella technology, which ensures supreme cushioning, smooth synchronization and a very low power consumption. On the versions with inclination, the pulse controlled programs can be adjusted either via the variation of speed or inclination.

The Motion Sprint SL / SE 600 runs on HUR Smart Touch software.


  • Easy to use display with multicolor backlight for biofeedback
  • Very comfortable running feeling and optimal cushioning
  • Coded Polar® pulse receiver
  • Speed: 0-17 km in 0.1 km/h steps
  • SL version: 0 to +15% incline (0-20% optional)
  • SE version: -3 to +12% incline and pulse controlled programs either incline or pulse controlled
  • Up to 1km: 1m precise odometer, then 10 meter precise
  • Training control via RFID-System* with Wireless network


  • Running surface: 1,55 m x 0,50 m (optionally: 1,55 m x 0,60 m)
  • Energy saving, brushless, 1100 W DC Motor, toothed belt lamella system
  • Integrated Emergency-Stop-System
  • Manufactured according to: DIN EN ISO 20957-1  SA, DIN EN ISO 20957-6 SA, DIN EN 60601-1, DIN EN 60601-1-2 /230V/50-60Hz/EWG, separate fuse protection required
  • Medical Devices according to directive 93/42 EEC, class IIa
  • Max user weight 150kg
  • Size (L x W x H): 198 x 79 x 145 cm
  • Weight 195 kg


  • Wired network for training control via RFID System*
  • Ear pulse system
  • Running surface with 60 cm width
  • Increase of max user weight to 250 kg of the version SE
  • Underarm rest
  • Step-on support
  • Reverse direction of movement
  • Increase of max speed to 22km/h
  • More options on requests

*In order to communicate with HUR SmartTouch software, 1 SmartTouch Emotion Wireless (or wired) Startup package is needed


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