HUR Rehab Elliptical

HUR Rehab Elliptical

The HUR Rehab Elliptical is one of the most versatile elliptical trainers available in the market
today. Patients at any athletic level will find physically holistic benefits and practical rehabilitative functionality on a HUR Rehab Elliptical.


HUR is dedicated to contributing where it is best – providing the best exercise solutions for preventive, rehabilitative and maintaining training – so that you and your customers can keep on performing miracles every day.

HUR Rehab Elliptical runs on HUR Smart Touch software.


  • Orthopedic “gel” footbads provide optimalcomfort and relieve foot fatigue.
  • Integrated rear step reduces step-upheight to 19 cm (7”)
  • Integrated side-frame footrests with nonskid surfaces allow for isolated upper-bodyworkouts.
  • Moving handrails feature moldedcontoured finger grips.
  • The patented Rollmentum™ center-drivereplicates the body’s natural motion.
  • Interactive contact heart rate crossbars
  • User weight capacity 226 kg (500 lbs)


Active footprint Wide 89 cm / 35 in Length 193 cm / 76 in

Physical footprint Wide 89 cm / 35 in Length 173 cm / 68 in


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