HUR Easy Access Wheelchair Accessible

HUR Easy Access Wheelchair Accessible
Strength Training for all abilities

HUR’s Easy Access range is designed to meet the specific needs of wheelchair users and those with mobility and sensory impairments. Through easy to roll out seats, the strength training equipment has been designed to enable the integration of disabled people into mainstream facilities so the machines are equally suitable for regular exercisers eliminating the need for two types of equipment – truly inclusive.

HUR wheelchair accessible exercise equipment utilizes Pneumatic (air resistance) technology that follows the natural movement of the muscle, is easy on joints and allows for optimal muscle loading equal to the fitness and ability level of each unique user.

The entire wheelchair accessible line includes the option for zero starting load, which is ideal for beginners and rehabilitation. Through our Hi5 SmartTouch Software and automatically loading touch screen exercise programs, the equipment adjustments to allow for safe, non-intimidating, independent use, allowing clients more control over their workouts while also saving staff time.

We have a wide range of equipment available in both our HUR Hi5 SmartTouch or Analogue machines and many of our pieces are dual function meaning you can create space saving designs whilst allowing minimal movement for those with less mobility between each machine.

Easy Access Wheelchair Accessible


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