Back Extension (ASW-BE-M102)

Back Extension (ASW-BE-M102)

Back pain is a very common condition that ranges from the mild to serious pain. The pain can also come and go, be constant, worsen is left untreated. Exercising is a good way to prevent and manage lower back pain.

Back extensions, no matter what type of machine you use, target the erector spinae muscles in your back. They run up and down your spine and are responsible for extending or straightening your spine.

Having an adequate amount of strength in your erector spinae is important because it works alongside with your abs, obliques and hips to help you maintain proper posture and stabilize your spine.

Perform extensions to stretch out and loosen the lower or mid area back muscles. Extensions are particularly useful for alleviating chronic pain caused by postural strain, making it easier to sit and stand up straight.


  • The device works without electricity
  • Low resistance at the beginning of the pulling motion ensures easier exercise start
  • 12 adjustable resistance levels
  • Single hydraulic exercise cylinder
  • Support player weight up to 120 kg.
  • Strong base for maximum stability while you exercise
  • The main structure is made of high quality steel that is 3mm thick. The body, painted with powder coating to prevent rust, extends the usage period.
  • The 2 back rollers are stylishly designed and covered with quality material and is tear resistance.
  • Solid and sturdy frame
  • Special anti-slip grips attached to a revolving pin
  • Stable resistance of the hydraulic shock absorber
  • Resistance in both directions
  • Easy on the joints
  • Safe training even without supervision
  • There are built-in wheels to move the machine easily
  • There are wheels for moving the machine. The machine is portable and moveable
  • Suitable for both commercial and home use
  • Quality standards : ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016

Benefits of Back Extension

Lower back pain is a problem affecting many people from all backgrounds. Weak abdominal muscles contribute to increased lower back pain. Lower back muscles that are not exercised become rigid in the joint areas and may lead to chronic lower back pain. Abdominal exercises target these back muscles and the spine, making them more flexible and less rigid, thus reducing lower back pain. The Abdominal / Back exercise thus helps:

  • Increase back and abdominal muscle mass
  • Strengthen the muscles in the lower back and core that serve to stabilize the body
  • Help relieve hunchback, back pain, waist pain, office syndrome
  • Helps reduce excessive body fat
  • Tighten the abdomen, reduce the belly
  • Helps improve personality
  • Improves the ability to help yourself in daily activities such as getting out of bed, turning, twisting













Recommended by ASG Wellness Trainer
Strengthening your stabilization muscles will help you reduce long term back pain.”

Exercise with ASD Back Extension

  • Sit with your back straight against the seat. Legs placed perpendicular on the footrest.
  • Put your hands together behind your neck or place on your chest which ever you feel comfortable.
  • Inhale, exert pressure, lean back as far as you can.
  • Tighten the abdomen. Slowly raise your body up.
  • When return back to the straight up position, exhale.
  • Take a deep breathe again and repeat the same exercise



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