Shoulder Press (ASW-SP-UM203)

Shoulder Press (ASW-SP-UM203)

The Hydraulic Shoulder Press has been developed to specifically target and define the shoulder and arm muscles. ASG Shoulder Press is designed to make your exercising as effective as possible, safe and easy on your joints. Its sturdy frame provides stability for your training and the soft padding adds a needed comfort, making your training as comfortable as possible.



As seniors age, one of the most common complaints is regarding backaches, rounded postures, or unaligned backs. This is due to decreased back strength and weakened muscles. It’s very important to pay attention to these muscles before it becomes a problem.

Shoulder Press is designed to strengthen the shoulder muscles. Seniors will improve their ability to perform arm movements with greater ease, whether it’s to pass a bowl of food across the table, or lift a suitcase.

ASD Shoulder Press is designed to strengthen the shoulder muscles as well. Seniors will improve their ability to perform arm movements with greater ease, whether it’s to pass a bowl of food across the table, or lift a suitcase. Because Shoulder Press Machine is easy on your joints, it is ideal for both recovery exercises and intensive everyday training.


  • The device works without electricity
  • Low starting resistance allows for easier start to the exercise
  • 12 adjustable resistance levels
  • Single hydraulic exercise cylinder
  • Support user weight up to 120 kg.
  • Strong base and sturdy frame provide maximum stability while you exercise
  • The main structure is made of high quality steel that is 3mm thick. The body, painted with powder coating to prevent rust, extends the usage period.
  • Coating resistant to scratching and flaking
  • Special anti-slip grips
  • Stable resistance of the hydraulic shock absorber
  • Easy on the joints
  • Safe training even without supervision
  • There are built-in wheels to move the machine easily.
  • Suitable for both commercial and home use
  • The machine is portable and moveable
  • Quality standards : ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016

Benefits of Shoulder Press

The shoulder press works several muscles of the upper body and offers a host of benefits that improve daily functioning.

  • Get rid of bingo wings, shape-up arms.
  • Avoid shoulder pain.
  • Tighten arm and chest muscles; improve daily activities.
  • Helps reduce excessive body fat
  • Build up and activate arm joints and tendons.
  • Increase muscle strength of thighs and calves; improve the locomotion for daily activity.
  • Activate knee joints and strengthen tendons.
  • Strengthen hip muscle, avoid sagging buttocks.
  • Improve balance; reduce falling.













Exercise with ASD Shoulder Press

  • As you grasp the handles, place a little pressure on the handles so that you start with your hands at shoulder height.
  • Move the machine in both directions while maintaining proper form and your full range of motion. Try not to hesitate on the top or bottom of the movement.
  • Forcefully push the handle bars up quickly to effectively work your deltoids and trapezius.
  • Pull the handle bars back down to starting position just as quickly in order to work your latissimus dorsi to its fullest potential. Keep your elbows tucked in close to help target the appropriate muscle groups.



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