Progressive Resistance Training After Stroke (2008)
Ulla-Britt Flansbjer, PT, PhD, Michael Miller, PT, PhD, David Downham, PhD and Jan Lexell MD, PhD
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Effects of a 6-month Exercise Program on Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (2004) 
A. Romberg, PT; A. Virtanen, MSocSc; J. Ruutiainen, MD; S. Aunola, PhD; S.-L. Karppi, MSc; M. Vaara, MSc; J. Surakka, MSc; T. Pohjolainen, MD; and A. Seppänen, MD
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Assessment of muscle strength and motor fatigue with a knee dynamometer in subjects with multiple sclerosis: a new fatigue index (2004)
Jukka Surakka, Anders Romberg, Juhani Ruutiainen, Arja Virtanen, Sirkka Aunola and Kari Mäentaka
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Reliability of Knee extensor and Flexor Muscle Strength Measurements in persons with Late Effects of Polio (2010)
Ulla-Britt Flansbjer, PT, PhD and Jan Lexell MD, PhD
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Influence of Resistance Exercise Training to Strengthen Muscles across Multiple Joints of the Lower Limbs on Dynamic Balance Functions of Stroke Patients
Sung Min Son, Myung Kyu Park, Na Kyung Lee
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Long term benefits of progressive resistance training in chronic stroke: A 4-year follow-up
Ulla-Britt Flansbjer, Jan Lexell and Christina Brogårdh
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